Warranty Policy

This document sets out the warranty policy for the Prima-lux range of LED products. This policy applies only to Prima-lux branded LED products. purchased as new from an authorized UK distributor.

This warranty policy is subject to the terms and conditions detailed below.

Warranty Period

Subject to the details below under warranty conditions the products are warranted for the period as stated in our product information.

Warranty Conditions

The warranty period starts on the date of invoice generated by Omega Product Services Ltd.

The warranty only applies to the original purchaser as detailed on the Omega Sales invoice.

The warranty period is based on a standard burning behavior of 4000 hours per annum.

The warranty only applies to Prima – Lux products where,

The installation has been carried out by a Qualified person and in accordance with the latest Building and IEE wiring regulations.

The electrical installation where the Product is installed has not been subjected to high voltage fluctuations that will have exceeded the specified operating capability/ range of the products power supply.

The Ambient temperature where the product is installed has not at any time exceeded the specified Ambient operating temperature of -20 ˚C to +40 ˚C

The Relative humidity in the area where the product has been installation never exceeds 65%

The Product has not been covered with any insulating material or adapted or enclosed in such a way that would prevent adequate circulation of air.

The product has been installed in an environment intended for the normal operation of the product in relation to its specified IP rating.

The warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the products directly from Omega Product Services Ltd.

Omega Product Services Ltd warrants that each Product should be free from defects in components and quality of build.

In the unlikely event of a product failing within the stated warranty period, Omega Product Services Ltd, will replace or repair the faulty item subject to the terms and conditions detailed in this document.

If the product in question has become obsolete then the nearest equivalent product from our range will be offered.

Removal of batch code or date labels or tampering with the internal components etc. other than the wiring connection sections, or any modification to the product will invalidate the warranty.

The replacement or repair of any product is limited to the product only and no liability for removal or reinstallation costs or expenses, Labour costs or equipment hire can be accepted.